About Michael McCarrell

Michael McCarrell is a trusted advisor to ambitious business owners who are determined to “crack” 7 figures. He has long been dedicated to helping business owners find “hidden” leverage points that can sail them past the 7-figure mark.

Michael’s entrepreneurial roots run deep. He gained a thorough understanding of the trials and tribulations in business at a very early age. Through this understanding, he has nurtured many entrepreneurial firms to success, working within the deepest levels of their organizations.

He realizes that one of the biggest problems for entrepreneurs is the fear that holds them in their comfort zone. He knows that to be successful, it requires using their discomfort just as an elite athlete uses physical pain to reach extraordinary levels of achievement.

That’s why he is dedicated to helping those who are willing to challenge the “six-figure” myths, take their business to the next level. In his new breakthrough book, Cracking The Code To 7 Figures, Michael exposes the 10 myths every business owner and entrepreneur must overcome to take their business to the next level. In sharing stories, case studies and examples of how these myths can derail you from reaching 7 figures, he shows you how to break the hold these myths have over your business.

He cautions that the snares of even one myth can keep you under seven figures, but once dispelled, there’s enormous leverage possible.

You will discover:

  • How a small shift in your thinking can create a massive shift in your business
  • Why more marketing can actually be costing you clients and sales.
  • How to take back the reins so your business no longer runs you.
  • Why making more sales doesn’t always bring the right kind of growth.
  • How throwing more money at your business is throwing it away.

Whether it’s a matter of mindset, strategy or marketing, most businesses never cross the million-dollar threshold. For many, coming up short of 7 figures is about more than missing their revenue goals. It is often a rite of passage to a higher level of service in their business.

But if you ever hope to reach those heights, you must first be willing to confront the truth about what’s keeping you from sailing past six figures.

With Michael’s help, you can face the “six-figure myths” head-on and finally crack the code to 7 figures.