Tired of working 60+ hours a week?

Does your family complain about how little time they see you?

What if you could make your profit goals AND spend LESS time working?

What if you could Run Your Business With Ease?

What do the top 1% of business owners actually do to create wildly successful, profitable businesses, without sleeping in their offices?

It’s about relentless focus on the seemingly small things that produce HUGE results. I know this from both my clients and from personal experience.

Michael helped us optimize our FB ads so that we got an immediate 319% ROI. Counting ongoing monthly revenue, ROI is closer to $6 of revenue for every $1 spent. Brett Denton

The Lab, Boise ID

In 1991, after working for several small businesses, I started my own enterprise. By 1997 we were just short of $700,000 in revenue. Not bad for 1997 dollars and well over a million dollars when you adjust for inflation today. The tiny ‘thing’ that propelled us to an almost 50% annual revenue bump was a suggestion from marketing genius Jay Abraham. It took me less than 6 hours to implement and almost literally dumped money in our bank account.

What makes working with me different?

Have you been through a “guru” (or 3) whose course promised that if you just applied their system your business would boom? And did that work?

I’ve taken some of those courses and I’ve talked to many other business owners who have taken those courses and gotten little or nothing, except major disappointment. Why?

You and your business are unique. Some of those courses and tactics can at least partially apply, but it is Marketing Fundamentals applied to YOUR Business, using YOUR Strengths, YOUR insights and YOUR genius that drives sales and has Your Business Running With Ease.

How do I know this? For one thing, I partnered with the very experienced and successful marketer, Glenn Livingston for over two years doing a monthly webinar where we would examine a business, their marketing, and their website. We would determine and then analyze the most successful competitors in their marketplace, and then provide a detailed process for taking the website, marketing, and the sales of the business to the next level.

Here is one of our results:

When I approached Michael and Glenn, I had already worked with several respected marketers and my web systems were converting pretty well…however, I felt I could do a better job of making an emotional connection with my customers. What Michael and Glenn uncovered was amazing. Their proprietary research and discovery systems not only unearthed things none of the other marketers did – things I could do much more effectively – but they also opened my eyes to what my competitors were doing. The depth of the emotional competitive analysis was truly priceless for me.

As a result, their suggestions helped more than double my six-figure business over three years! Today, I run a growing 7-figure business with 10 great employees. I couldn’t recommend them more highly. William R. Seagraves

CEO and President, www.CatchFireFunding.com

Who this is NOT for:

While any business can use this and do well, we have typically found the following types of businesses and business owners don’t do well:

If you are a start up, or your annual revenue is under high five figures, you haven’t created a enough actual sales data for me to be able to help.

Similarly if you are a know-it-all, or someone who is unwilling to change, I can’t help you.

Who this IS for:

If you’d like to see your revenues go up and your profits increase along with it, so you’ve actually got money in the bank AND you do it while keeping your sanity. If you’d like to actually be enjoying yourself more, spending more time with your family and maybe even see your employees smile more often, then this is for you.

One other very important criteria:

If you know you have a great product, you know your clients love it, and doing business with you makes this world a better place, then getting your business really cranking means you could do more good in the world. You are exactly the person I want to help.

If this is you, let’s just have a chat – Fill out the form below and let’s have a conversation.


~ Michael